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Study Plus courses are free to students registered on an existing Kent programme of study. The only courses that may attribute a cost would be where you receive a recognised qualification, and this will outlined on the booking system.

To book on a course click on the event title and this will take you to Target Connect where you can reserve your place.

Study Plus events taking place during term 1-

Date Time Event
Friday 15th October  2pm - 4pm  Coaching skills that help raise your games 
Monday 18th October  11am - 12.30pm  Emotional Intelligence 
Tuesday 19th October  11am - 12.30pm  Introduction to Management 
Tueasday 19th October  1pm - 2.30pm
Presentation skills 
Wednesday 20th October  2pm - 4pm  Business Start Up Journey 
Thursday 21st October  11am - 12.30pm  Personal Prescence and Impact 
Monday 25th October  10am - 11.30am  Growth Mindset 
Tuesday 26th October  10am - 12pm  Time Management 
Tuesday 26th October  1pm - 3pm  Sustainability week 1 
Wednesday 27th October  1pm - 2pm  Business Start up Journey - how to find a Business Idea 
Wednesday 27th October  2pm - 3.30pm   How to Dine 
Friday 29th October  10am - 12.30pm  LGBT, What does it mean? 
Saturday 30th September  10am - 3pm  Business Start up Journey - Ideas Hack
Monday 1st November  10am - 11.30am  Editing and Proofreading 
Monday 1st November  1.30pm - 3pm  Having difficult conversations 
Tuesday 2nd November  1pm - 3pm  Sustainability week 2 
Wednesday 3rd November  10am - 12.30pm  Understanding stress and self-care
Wednesday 3rd November  2pm - 4pm  Business Startup Joureney - New Tech, New Ideas 
Thursday 4th November  1pm - 2pm  Networking Skills 

Other courses coming up in Term 1

  • Editing and proof reading 
  • Having difficult conversations 
  • Networking skills 
  • Understanding Stress and Self Care 
  • Planning a Journey
  • Planning Tools and Techniques 
  • Resilience - How to manager the uncomfortable 
  • Business Emails 

And lots more!

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