Professional Development Programmes

Professional Development Programmes
These professional development programmes are designed to support your personal development. They are delivered by external trainers and consultants who are experts in their field.

Code First Girls - MOOC Challenges Online 2024


The CFG Massive Open Online Courses come in two forms – our MOOC Sprints and our MOOC Challenges. Together, our MOOCs are great for beginners or those with some tech knowledge and know-how!

Our MOOC Sprints are 4-week quick learning courses that will give you a good foundational knowledge across key tech topics, including languages, problem-solving and career confidence. 

Following our Sprints, our MOOC Challenges allow you to test your knowledge and skills with a challenge, project or task with real-life examples and problem-solving.

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FDM Women in Tech Bootcamp 2024

Have you ever considered a Career in Tech?

By empowering women to upskill in technology, FDM is closing the gender gap in the tech industry.

We recently launched a new, free training initiative to teach female graduates how to code.  

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