Professional Development Programmes

Professional Development Programmes
These professional development programmes are designed to support your personal development. They are delivered by external trainers and consultants who are experts in their field.

Destination Success Bootcamp - Coming in November 2023!

Code First Girls - MOOC Challenges Online 2023

We’re unleashing some mini hackathon vibes with our MOOC Challenges. Our MOOC Challenges will allow members to test their knowledge in a key topic area with a project or challenge to complete.

Much like a hackathon, there will be a kick-off event, time to develop your response, and a final presentation session – with this all happening over a period of four weeks.

Challenges and projects are a great way to not only test your knowledge but also for building a portfolio and bits on your CV!

Our MOOC Challenges are also open to all CFG members globally and are 100% free for all participants.

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FDM Events 

Develop critical thinking skills for success

26 September 2023, 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm Online

How to think critically in the workplace In the era of Chat GPT and the constantly evolving social media environment, it has become increasingly important to question information while analysing and understanding it from several perspectives. This event will develop your critical thinking skills, helping you optimise your problem-solving, creativity and teamwork capabilities. Join us for an interactive session, including an overview of contemporary critical thinkers and activities to help you think critically in your studies and first graduate role.  

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