How to prepare for a strike day

The University and College Union (UCU) may announce further strike days next term. The impact of strikes will vary across courses and some students will be affected more than others. Whatever happens we are here to support you - see below for some advice to help you plan for a strike day.

Things you can do as a student to prepare for a strike day: 

  • Talk to your lecturer – to find out if they are taking part in strike days. Not all staff will be on strike so it is best to ask in advance so you can plan around it.  
  • Keep receipts – as staff don’t have to let you or the University know they are going on strike. If you arrive at a lecture or seminar to find it has been cancelled, keep a record of the direct costs you incurred so we can reimburse you. See student industrial action expense claims webpage for instructions on how to do this. You can also let us know about the impact of strikes using Kent Union’s Academic Experience Reporting Tool.
  • Still submit work – if you have a deadline on a strike day. You still need to submit work unless advised differently by your school or lecturer.
  • Meet with your lecturer after strikes – for support and advice on how to catch-up with missed work.
  • Don’t panic – we are here to help and will do all we can to minimise the impact on your studies. See our support webpage for who you can contact if you have questions or concerns about industrial action.

What impact will strikes have on my attendance record?

If your teaching session is cancelled because of strike action, it will have no impact on your attendance record. Sessions where no attendance is recorded are not included in your overall attendance percentage. 

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