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I am a post-doctoral research associate who works on a variety of projects. I am looking with Sarah Vickerstaff and others at late career transitions of individuals aged 50+ in the UK as well as how work activity is related to care provision and volunteering. With Sarah Vickerstaff, David Lain, and Norwegian partners I am also working on a Norway-UK comparison of late career transitions. I am evaluating with Ben Baumberg the role wage subsidies play in the employment of individuals with a handicap. With Heejung Chung I am investigating consequences of work flexibility for employment after child birth as well as working hours of employees more generally. Finally, I am also involved in Q-Step.

Before I started working as a post-doctoral research associate at the University of Kent, I did my PhD at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. My dissertation is entitled 'Gender, Aspirations, and Achievements: Relating Work and Family Aspirations to Occupational Outcomes'. This thesis was part of the High Potential program ‘Interdependences between work and family life: an interdisciplinary approach of the work-family interface’ of Professor Tanja van der Lippe and Dr Esther Kluwer. I did the research Masters in Sociology and Social Research at Utrecht University after the Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Social Science.

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Room CW GAW NW 232
Cornwallis George Allen Wing
University of Kent
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Book section
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Research Interests

My research focusses on a variety of labour market issues. For example, I am interested in the combination of paid work and other life domains, employment of disadvantaged groups such as individuals with a handicap, employment of older workers, etc. My current research projects reflect these interests. I am also interested in statistical methods and the opportunities these bring for social science research.

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