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Respiratory Clinic

The high-quality research undertaken in the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences feeds into the work of the Respiratory Clinic, which means our advice and support reflects the latest developments in the field.   

Run by world-leading experts, we provide state-of-the art testing and customised solutions for athletes with respiratory issues.  

The Respiratory Clinic provides assessment of breathing before, during and after exercise. You are then given a programme specific to your needs, which will reduce or eliminate respiratory symptoms during exercise.

Please email to book your appointment.  

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Exercise Induced Asthma

The Respiratory Clinic focuses on testing and assessments for exercise-related breathing problems including Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA). 

EIA, if undiagnosed, can limit an athlete's performance and affect their health but many athletes are unaware that they have the condition. 

At our clinic, we offer the 'gold standard' test for EIA. Once we have made a diagnosis, we guide clients through well-established treatment paths, which allow them to exercise and compete without any limitations. 

We also offer an EIA screening service, where we take our mobile EVH challenge equipment to a training venue and can screen up to 15 athletes in four hours. 

If you think you might have EIA please email to arrange a consultation.  

Disordered Breathing Patterns

Disordered Breathing Patterns (DBP) are common during exercise, especially when athletes are working at high intensity. DBP during exercise can result in the athletes feeling short of breath, tight chested, and experiencing early onset of fatigue. Many athletes with DBP may or may not have other breathing problems such as asthma.

Our Respiratory Clinic experts have been helping athletes overcome DBP for over 15 years. Our wealth of experience has helped us develop a number of bespoke assessments and tools to identify and help athletes overcome DBP. Our work has supported countless athletes overcome DBP and go on to achieve personal best performances and win World, Olympic, and Paralympic titles.

If you think you might have DBP please email to arrange a consultation.

I was able to produce my best performance when it really counted at the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships.

Jamie Wilkins, Amateur racing cyclist

Booking and payment

You can book your respiratory appointment by calling us on 01634 202998 or by emailing

Once you have booked your appointment, you will receive a payment link in the confirmation email. Please use this link to then pay for your appointment.


Price list

Service Price per test + VAT*
EVH Challenge £280
Breathing assessment and training £160
Combination of EVH and breathing challenge £360
Follow-up breathing training £120


We offer a discount of 50% to members of Kent County Council's FANS scheme and to Kent Sport Scholars.

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel your appointment for Respiratory services, you can do so by emailing

Appointment cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before your appointment. Failure to cancel within this time is chargeable by the full appointment amount. This policy also applies to non-attendance for any booked appointment.