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Facilities and clinics

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We have excellent custom-built facilities, which have been developed to support the content of our degree programmes.

Having access to high-quality equipment is crucial. We have led the way in ensuring you have access to industry-standard equipment – we were the first university to install an anti-gravity treadmill – and also have three specialist clinics, two rehabilitation gyms and several laboratories. We even have a heat and altitude environmental chamber.  


Our first-class sports facilities include



We have multiple laboratories including: physiology, biomechanics, and psychobiology. We also have two large therapy clinics and two rehabilitation guys. 


3D motion capture

This is housed in our biomechanics lab. It is a 3D motion capture cameras and force plates.


Heat and altitude environment chamber

This creates various environmental conditions to simulate the most extreme conditions found around the world.


Exercise testing

The school has everything you would expect and more, including treadmills, cycle and rowing ergometers, an isokinetic dynamometer, brain and muscle stimulators and blood testing and gas analysis equipment. 


Anti-gravity treadmill

We were the first university in the UK to install an anti-gravity treadmill in our rehabilitation gym. It is used by professional athletes as they look to speed up their return to fitness. 


Neuromuscular laboratory

We have equipment for transcranial magnetic and direct current stimulation and peripheral muscle and nerve stimulation. These devices allow us to manipulate and test areas of the muscle and brain before and during exercise. 

The respiratory clinic has supported the British Swimming programme over the last two Olympic cycles

Matt Ashman Associate Director Sports Science and Sports Medicine (British Swimming)

Working with Industry

Our facilities are available for use by researchers or industry and we are always keen to hear about potential collaborative projects with industrial partners. We also provide consultancy services to businesses. Contact the Knowledge Exchange and Innovation team to learn more.