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Dr Reshmi Dutta-Flanders has been teaching at the University of Kent since 2003.  After receiving her PhD degree in Applied Linguistics, she has contributed to the educational programmes in the Unit of Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (UELT) and at the Centre for English and World Languages (CEWL).  Reshmi joined the Department of English Language and Linguistics (ELL) as an Assistant Lecturer in 2010 where she taught Stylistics, World Englishes, Language in the Media, and as a module leader; taught Language and Gender at the Department of English Language Studies (ELS) at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Reshmi’s research interests are in criminal narratives, offender engagement discourse and in the varieties of English Language.  Reshmi takes both structural and functional approach to analyse criminality, the changing nature or the development of criminal characteristics and not just focusing on offender language use as evidence of wrongdoing. She has also published on the theme of ‘functional nativeness’ in varieties of Englishes (L1, L2, L3) in news discourse.  Her current research project on offender theme analyses is an interface between fiction and true crime (faction) by taking an interdisciplinary approach involving criminology, forensic psychology, literary studies in crime fiction and Applied Linguistics.  Reshmi is currently an Honorary Research Fellow at ELL, and published her first monograph in April, 2017 with Palgrave Macmillan, The Language of Suspense in Crime Fiction: A Linguistic Stylistic Approach.  

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Conference or workshop item
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