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Professor Dominic Abrams

Professor of Social Psychology and
Director of the Centre for the Study of Group Processes

Professor Dominic Abrams

PG students

Current research students

  • Shazza Ali (ESRC CASE 1+3 studentship): TBA
  • Maria Heering TBA
  • Ioanna Kapantai (Private funding): The effect of stigma in evaluations of group defectors: morality, stereotypically and prototypically as benchmarks for evaluation
  • Zafer Ozkan (Ministry of National Education, Turkey): Intergroup contact and solidarity-based collective action (2nd supervisor)
  • Hilal Özkececi (2017-2020 – Vice Chancellor's Scholarship):TBA
  • Kirandeep Purewal (Anne Frank CASE studentship): Inspiring, mentoring and engaging young people: Testing social psychological theory to evaluate strategies to reduce prejudice and strengthen social cohesion

Recently graduated

  • Dr Lauren Spinner (University of Kent 50th Anniversary Research Scholarship): Socialising gender: The role of parents, peers, and the media in children’s gender-typed preferences and stereotypes (2nd supervisor)
  • Dr Catarina Morais (University of Kent 50th Anniversary Research Scholarship): Reactions to ethical and unethical leaders (2nd supervisor)
  • Dr Libby Drury (ESRC CASE studentship with AgeUK): Using psychological mechanisms to reduce intergenerational ageism via intergroup contact
  • Dr Ruth Lamont: (ESRC) Processes that debilitate and facilitate in old age: Stereotype threat, boost and diversion
  • Dr Julie Van De Vyver: (ESRC CASE studentship with People United) Promoting prosocial behaviour
  • Dr Sally Palmer: (ESRC) The development of bystander intervention in children and adolescents: When and why do children and adolescents challenge intergroup discrimination?
  • Dr Orkun Yetkili: (Ministry of Education, North Cyprus) How do we perceive group deviance?
  • Dr Hazel Wardrop: (ESRC CASE studentship with the Equality and Human Rights Commission) Analysing changing public attitudes toward equality and intergroup relations
  • Dr Max Boehling: (ESRC) Hierarchically nested identities and motivation to help at work: A social identity perspective
  • Dr Evangelos Chaikalis: Antecedents of collective action
  • Dr Monica Noronha: Promoting condom use among young people employing health and social psychology
  • Dr Joseph Pelletier: The impact of social identity on prosocial behaviour in middle childhood
  • Dr Claire Powell: (ESRC) Group dynamics during childhood and adolescence
  • Dr Shirley Samson: The role of uncertainty-identity in the evaluation of groups (Christine Bolt Scholarship 2008/2009)
  • Dr Hannah Swift: (ESRC CASE studentship with Age UK) The social, psychological and behavioural consequences of ageism: implications for research and policy
  • Dr Katerina Tasiopoulou: (ESRC) An integrative cross-national examination of the antecedents of perceived intergroup threat and prejudiced towards immigrants
  • Dr Giovanni Travaglino: (School of Psychology, University of Kent) Sociopsychological mechanisms underlying group reactions to deviant leaders




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