Portrait of Maria Heering

Maria Heering

Postgraduate Researcher


Maria Heering is a Postgraduate Researcher at the School of Psychology.

Thesis Title


Research interests

Maria is currently involved in a cross-disciplinary PhD research programme in social psychology and politics. Her current research focuses on 'social banditry', more specifically on systematically and empirically analysing why people support and legitimise 'social bandits', actors such as gangs, criminal organizations and hackers. Those actors operate using semi-legal and illegal means often challenging the state authority and corroding public and institutional trust. Maria is also interested generally in the role of power in inter-group dynamics, Social Dominance Orientation and punishment.




2017-2020 – Vice Chancellor's Scholarship


  • Heering, M.S., & Leone, L. (in press). Power moderates the effects of Social Dominance Orientation on punishment: An experimental analysis. Psychological Reports. DOI: 10.1177/0033294118755095.
  • Passafaro, P., Cini, C., Boi, L., D'Angelo, M., Heering, M.S., Lucchetti, L., Mancini, A., Martemucci, V., Pacella, G., Patrizi, F., Sassu, F., Triolo, M. (2015). The sustainable tourist: Values, attitudes and personality. Tourism and Hospitality Research. DOI: 10.1177/1467358415576086.
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