Katie Carpenter

Postgraduate Researcher


Katie Carpenter is a Postgraduate Researcher in the School of Psychology.

Thesis title

Are mindreading and metacognition underpinned by a common cognitive process?

Research interests

The capacity for metarepresentation (i.e. for representing and reasoning about the mental states of oneself and others) is vital for many aspects of everyday life. Katie's PhD research project examines the relations between the two aspects of this capacity: metacognition and mindreading. 

It aims to address the theoretical debate regarding the underlying cognitive processes involved in these two aspects. On the one hand, it has been proposed that mindreading and metacognition rely on the same neurocognitive mechanism (Carruthers, 2011). However, others have argued that mindreading and metacognition rely on distinct processes (Nichols & Stich, 2003).

Katie's project will address this debate from multiple angles. Some studies will investigate the development of metacognition and mindreading among young neurotypical children, whereas others investigate these abilities in children and adults with ASD.


Professor David Williams (1st supervisor)



Economic and Social Research Council (+3 studentship)

Grants and Awards

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