Book Launch: The Macron Régime by Charles Devellennes

Devellennes’ new book examines Macron’s political career from his rise as a public figure to his time as a president.

When Emmanuel Macron was elected President of the French Republic, it ended the long-standing political alternation between the mainstream right- and left-wing parties.

Join author Dr Charles Devellennes in discussion with Dr Harmonie Toros, to launch The Macron Régime published by Bristol University Press.

The book explores Macron’s political ideology and examines the enactment of the key notions of security, merit and hope during his time in office. By offering a close study of his actions and ideological commitment, this book argues that, despite claims of being ideologically neutral, Macron actually represents a new form of right-wing politics in France.

‘When Macron was elected in 2017, the promise of a politics beyond left and right was offered in France.’ Devellennes explains ‘With socialists and conservatives joining the newly-elected President, the future looked bright and hopeful. But the old ideologies of the past soon resurfaced, and by 2022 it was clear Macron had shifted very much to the right. Yet, even when Macron started campaigning in 2016, his ideology could clearly be seen as a new form of right wing politics in France.’

‘By looking at key aspects of Macron’s ideology – security, merit and hope – th book deconstructs the ideological foundation of the Macron Régime. The new right behind Macron is found to be quite different from the old conservative right, and is the apotheosis of neoliberalism. As Macron has entered his second term, the book also reflects on the different paths France can take over the next five years -from the rise of the far right to the organisation of a left-wing opposition to Macron’s rule. Time will tell which path the French and their president will end up going through.’

The discussion will be followed by a question and answer session. This event is organised by the PhD community in the School of Politics and International Relations, and open to all students in the Division (and beyond).

Book launch: Wednesday 23 November 2022, 4pm, KS16.

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