Kent Halloween Puzzle

Olivia Miller
Picture by Unsplash

Professor Peter Hydon and Dr Daniel Bearup from the University’s School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science (SMSAS) have developed a fa-boo-lous problem-solving puzzle for Halloween.

The Floor Colour Problem sees Sarah and Jack trying to escape from a haunted house. To unlock the exit door they must make their way across seven tiles which light up when stood on, avoiding the tile where a ghost lurks beneath! The exit door will become unlocked only when the tile it is attached to is green. Puzzle solvers must work out the shortest route through the room which unlocks the door and allows them to escape and figure out where the ghost is hiding.

Are you up for the challenge? View the full Floor Colour Problem puzzle for more details.

View the Floor Colour Problem Solution for the answer – but don’t peek before you’ve given it a go!