Portrait of Dr Daniel Bearup

Dr Daniel Bearup

Lecturer in Mathematics


Daniel received his PhD in mathematical biology from the University of Warwick in 2010. He then moved on to post-doc positions, researching problems in spatial ecology, at the Universities of Leicester, Oldenburg and Sheffield before joining SMSAS in 2017. Daniel plays chess, and other strategy games, competitively and, as a consequence often engages in the “weaponisation” of probability; he also paints, bakes, enjoys classical music, and, increasingly, tries to keep his daughter out of trouble.

Research interests

Mathematical ecology:

  • multiscale problems in control and conservation of populations;
  • effects of complex habitat structure on population dynamics;
  • interactions between dispersal processes and natural boundaries

Mathematical biology:

  • dynamics of metabolic networks
  • emergence of antibiotic resistance in communities
  • the dynamics of disease spread in heterogeneous populations
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