Professor Peter Hydon

Professor Peter Hydon

Professor of Mathematics


Peter had a broad mathematical education: BSc in Mathematics at Bath, followed by a master’s degree (Part III of the Mathematics Tripos) and PhD at the University of Cambridge. After three years’ postdoctoral work at the University of Leeds he spent two years in a research post at the University of Northumbria before joining the University of Surrey’s Department of Mathematics in 1996 as a Lecturer. He was promoted to Reader in 2000 and Professor in 2006. He held a wide variety of roles and responsibilities, and was Head of Department for the two years before he joined Kent in 2015 as Head of SMSAS.

After five years in that role, in January 2020, Peter stepped into the role of Division of Computing, Engineering, and Mathematical Sciences.

Member of Senate and various University and Faculty committees, Peter comments "I also have many opportunities to represent SMSAS nationally and more widely". 

Research interests

Most of Peter's research aims to develop methods for solving, simplifying or approximating a given system of equations, by exploiting the system’s algebraic and geometric structures.

  • Multisymplectic systems, with applications to geometric mechanics
  • Geometric integration (developing numerical methods that preserve structural features of the system being approximated)
  • Automorphisms of Lie algebras

He has written two graduate textbooks, both published by Cambridge University Press, which introduce newcomers to these research areas. His website has details of these and other publications. 


Gianluca Frasca Caccia - Finite Difference Conservation Laws

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