Alumni and careers

The Modern Languages and Linguistics community is a diverse and close-knit one. Seeing our students graduate in the magnificent Canterbury Cathedral is one of the most exciting days of the year. As we celebrate their success, we also look forward to finding out where their degrees will take them.

Studying Modern Languages and Linguistics is interdisciplinary in nature and our graduates pursue careers in a wide range of professions in countries around the world. 

At Kent, we are committed to enhancing the employability of all our students in order to enable them to compete and flourish in a competitive, fast-moving economy. Our students do well after graduation, with English Language and Linguistics graduates moving on to work in areas such as publishing, publicity, marketing, teaching and speech therapy, and Languages graduates building careers across Europe and beyond in translation, journalism, teaching, and finance.

In addition to the University's careers and employability events, we annually organise 'Life After Your Modern Languages Degree’ – a panel event with Modern Languages and Linguistics alumni.