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How to redact material from your thesis

Redaction means removing information from your thesis that you shouldn't make publicly available.

You can block out individual sentences or paragraphs or remove images or sections from one copy of your thesis before you make it available in KAR.

To redact:

  1. Delete all restricted information and replace it with the text string [REDACTED]. This way, redaction is apparent, but the space can't be used to identify the missing information.
  2. Don't leave text concealed behind black highlighting: future readers may have technologies that could reveal the hidden text.
  3. Don't delete the reference to the content you have removed.
  4. To redact images or large sections, delete them and replace them with [REDACTED]. You may need to add padding to keep your page numbering the same.

You will need to submit both the redacted copy and an unredacted copy of your thesis.



Last Updated: 25/06/2018