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Recording a PhD based on published works on KAR

If you have been awarded your PhD on the basis of a collection of published works rather than a single thesis, you can still record the basis of the award on the Kent Academic Repository (KAR).

Your KAR deposit has to include these three elements:

In KAR, each publication record will link to the thesis record and vice versa.

Copies of the publications

  • Create a full record for each publication on KAR with links to the publisher's pages for the work. Where possible, upload a compliant copy of the full-text (pdf) to the record. If that's not possible, the link to the publisher's page will allow others to access the work.
    • You can use the Assisted Deposit Service to send us your journal articles or conference proceedings to upload to KAR for you.
  • Each record will have its own URL in KAR (which will look a bit like this: Add these URLs to the bibliographic list.

Summary or supporting statement

  • Upload this document to KAR via Moodle like any other thesis deposit
  • It should be accompanied by the bibliographic list of the publications that form the main evidence for the award. 

Bibliographic list

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If you are depositing a record for this type of PhD, contact



Last Updated: 01/03/2019