Deposit your thesis



Preparing your document

You must provide your thesis in pdf format and follow these guidelines:

  • The first page of the document should be a title page that includes:
    • title
    • abstract
    • word count / number of pages
    • year of submission
    • academic school / centre.
  • It must not be locked for printing or editing.
  • The file size should be below 512MB; if this is a problem, you can:
    • split your thesis into separate pdfs; or
    • reduce the document size by shrinking the size of your images in your Word document or in the pdf version; shrinking images may reduce their quality, so keep a copy of your original document and check the quality of the shrunk version.
  • If you have data, diagrams, maps, multimedia items or any other documents which can't be incorporated into the body of the pdf file, submit the thesis through Moodle and check how to prepare and deposit this additional material.

If you have already published: see how to record a PhD based on published works on the Kent Academic Repository.

Make it accessible to maximise your audience

To make your document as accessible as possible:



Last Updated: 30/01/2019