Deposit your thesis



Deposit your thesis

When you complete a research degree at Kent, you have to deposit a copy of your final thesis (PhD, MPhil or MA-R) to the Kent Academic Repository (KAR) before you graduate.

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Preparing your document

Before you deposit, you must make sure your document is in the correct format.

You may need to redact parts of your thesis if it:

If you have data, diagrams, maps, multimedia items or any other documents you can't incorporate into the body of your thesis, check how to prepare and deposit this material.

Decisions you need to make

You need to decide:

  1. if you need to deposit a redacted version of your thesis as well as the full version.
  2. if you wish to apply an embargo because you are planning to publish it
  3. if your thesis cannot be publicly available because it contains a lot of sensitive or confidential material
  4. which Creative Commons licence to apply to your thesis.

How to deposit your thesis into KAR

You deposit your thesis through your school’s Moodle page. Your school will send you the link and you will need to follow these steps.

If you've been awarded your PhD on the basis of published works, you can still record it on KAR.

How having your thesis in KAR affects you

KAR is Kent’s Open Access institutional archive, through which your thesis is publicly available and downloadable.

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Last Updated: 30/01/2019