Deposit your thesis



Restricting access to your thesis (embargo)

You may want to restrict access to your thesis and only make the full text publicly available after a period of time has passed. This is called an embargo.

The embargo period starts from the date you deposited your thesis into KAR through Moodle.

Reasons to use an embargo

You can change, extend or remove the embargo - email

Temporary embargo - 1 year or 3 years

Use one of these if:

  • you want to gain time to seek a publishing contract
  • you already have a contract with a publisher and they want you to restrict access for a defined period of time.

If your thesis has been funded (for example by a research council or commercial funder) you must check that the embargo does not conflict with their requirements.

Permanent embargo

Use this if your thesis contains sensitive or confidential material throughout which is too extensive to be redacted.

  1. Discuss your decision with your supervisors and Director of Graduate Studies.
  2. If agreed, download the permanent thesis embargo request form (pdf) and get the necessary signatures.
  3. If you can't reach agreement, you need to contact your Faculty Associate Dean (Graduate Studies).
  4. When you deposit in Moodle, select the 1 year embargo period. When we receive your completed form, we will apply a permanent embargo to your thesis in KAR.

You can still choose to share copies of your thesis privately.

A record of your thesis will be available in the Kent Academic Repository. If someone requests access to your thesis, we will contact you.



Last Updated: 13/08/2018