Deposit your thesis



Benefits of having your thesis in KAR

When your thesis is available in the Kent Academic Repository (KAR) the full text will be available over the internet. This is called Open Access.

Open Access refers to online material that is free at the point of access, so anyone can read it without needing to pay. Open Access material allows readers to use and share information easily; it has clear re-use rights which tell others what they are allowed to do with it.

Making your thesis Open Access:

  • increases the visibility and reach of your research. Your thesis will appear prominently in search engine results and authoritative online sources. These include the British Library’s EThOS service and DART-Europe E-theses Portal
  • means your research is more likely to be read and cited
  • provides a stable, long-term URL you can use to promote your work. You can refer potential collaborators, employers and grant providers to your research, and track any citations
  • allows long-term preservation of your research and ensures it is accessible
  • protects you against plagiarism, as a reference copy is publicly available
  • means you can see how often your thesis is downloaded
  • satisfies the Open Access requirements of funding bodies, such as RCUK.



Last Updated: 20/08/2018