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How to access this e-resource

To register and access: 

  1. Click Log In.
  2. Type 'University of Kent' in the box
  3. Select it and click Continue
  4. You need to register for using Digimap as a whole and then agree to the license agreement for each individual collection you want to use


An online mapping and data service that provides access to the most up-to-date maps from Ordnance Survey. With Digimap, you can:

  • view, annotate and print maps from a variety of geospatial data providers
  • download data in a variety of formats for use in GIS and CAD systems 

You have access to:

  • Ordnance Survey Collection
  • Historic Digimap
  • Geology Digimap
  • Environment Digimap
  • Aerial Digimap
  • Lidar Digimap
  • Global Digimap
  • Pilot Collection

You also have trial access to (up until July 2024)

  • Marine
  • Society
  • Verisk
  • agCensus

Useful if you study:

  • Archaeology
  • Architecture and Planning
  • Conservation
  • Geography
  • History

Help for using this e-resource

  • Digimap Resource Centre
  • Digimap offers comprehensive help pages that include an online chat facility. There's a help tab within each module.