• VALUE Grad incorporates a range of academic skills and personal development opportunities for Taught Master’s students at the University of Kent. It comprises four discrete programmes: Creative Language Development (CLD), Programme for International Postgraduates (PIP), the Future Skills Forum (FSF)/Improving your prospects by knowing your strengths, and a Writing Retreat. Each series of activities addresses key challenges that Master’s students face during their studies, especially international/ESL students who might well be studying in English for the first time.

      VALUE Grad Programme 2017-2018

Creative Language Development (CLD)

The CLD workshops are designed to help international /ESL students improve their English language skills in creative and enjoyable ways. The focus is on the development of speaking skills, but each CLD event is different, using a range of media – plays, short stories, music, and team quizzes – to support language development at all levels.

The workshops involve no preparation or extra study commitments. The emphasis is on enjoyment, involvement and increasing participants’ confidence in their use of English.

The CLD events are offered during the vacation periods in January, May and June. Each workshop includes a shared lunch (optional) providing an opportunity to interact informally with students from different schools. The events in May and June include some activities which take place outside, within the campus grounds, weather permitting.

Each unique CLD workshop provides opportunities to improve fluency in English and improve communication skills. This increases students’ chances of success at university and improves their employment prospects.
More information is available on Moodle (module DP1350).

Future dates - Creative Language Development (CLD)

  • Winter Vacation Week 4 - Wednesday 10/01/2018. 11am - 3pm Canterbury Campus
  • Spring Vacation Week 4 - Wednesday 02/05/2018. 11am - 3pm Canterbury Campus
  • Summer Vacation Week 1 - Wednesday 20/06/2018. 11am - 3pm Canterbury Campus


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