Portrait of Dr Kirsty Horsey

Dr Kirsty Horsey

Reader in Law
Director of Education


Kirsty has LLB and PhD degrees and a PGCHE.

Kirsty Horsey graduated in both undergraduate law and her PhD from the University of Kent. She started as a lecturer in law at Kent Law School in 2005.

Her current research project is focused on the reform of the laws on surrogacy, something that Kirsty has been passionate about for many years. In recent years she has worked with external non-profit and charitable organisations working to facilitate and encourage reform and this group – the Surrogacy UK Working Group on Surrogacy Law Reform – published a Report on the state of the law governing surrogacy, together with recommendations for reform, in November 2015.

The Report was followed by numerous conference presentations by Working Group members, and led to Kirsty’s organisation of a London conference looking at surrogacy law reform in May 2016, the proceedings of which were subsequently published in a special edition of the Journal of Medical Ethics and Law. Kirsty is also part of the secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Surrogacy.

Research interests

Kirsty's research interests lie primarily in the area of the regulation of human reproduction and genetic technologies, particularly where these overlap with issues in family law. A current long-term research project focuses on reform of the UK’s laws on surrogacy. She also researches within the law of obligations, in particular those obligations based on ‘relationship’, assumptions of responsibility and/or imbalances of power.

  • Surrogacy and law reform
  • Regulation of assisted conception
  • Cross-border reproduction
  • Negligence of public bodies. 


Her undergraduate teaching responsibilities span across Obligations and Advanced Tort.

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