Portrait of Dr Richard Warren

Dr Richard Warren

Immigration Law Adviser, Kent Law Clinic


Dr Richard Warren is an Immigration Law Adviser and Lecturer working in the Kent Law Clinic. He is an accredited IAAS Level 2 Senior Immigration Caseworker with more than 15 years’ experience representing asylum seekers, refugees and migrants at all stages of the asylum/immigration process. He works closely with local NGOs and refugee charities and contributes to academic and public debate on immigration issues. He completed his PhD studies at Kent in June 2021. His thesis focused on the development of immigration tribunals. 

Research interests

UK immigration history, refugee law, asylum claims by unaccompanied minors, the relationship between human rights and immigration controls, Article 8 ECHR, deportation law, citizenship and statelessness.


Dr Warren is one of the team who supports students in the Law Clinic. He also convenes and lectures on the undergraduate Immigration Law module.

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