Zarak Mirza

Lecturer in Business Economics and Statistics.
 Zarak Mirza


Zarak is a lecturer in Business Economics and Statistics at Kent Business School, University of Kent.  He hold's a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Kent (2018) along with an MSc in Economics and Public Policy from the University of Bristol, UK, and a BS in Economics from Boston College, USA. 

Before joining KBS, He was a Fellow in Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK. He has also worked with a range of public and private sector organizations in Pakistan. 

He is interested in the field of management, human resource management, organizational/institutional behaviour, and consumer behaviour.

Research interests

Zaraks research focuses on three broad areas. One is to explore how heuristics affect decision-making in organizations and consumers and how it impacts market interactions. The second is to understand the role of behavioural bias in the development and adoption of management approaches across private and public organizations. The third is to understand to what extent donors’ biases affect charitable giving.

Zarak's research is aligned with the overall theme of sustainability of Kent Business School. More specifically, the areas of research fall under People, Management and Organizational Group, Strategy and International Business Group, and the Management Science Group. 


Zarak's pedagogical approach perceives teaching as more than a mere flow of information. Zarak believes students should feel confident in exploring the interdisciplinary nature of the subject matter. Delivery mechanism should facilitate students in developing skills necessary to finding solutions to seemingly complex problems, by breaking them into manageable and relevant components. 


Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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