Mohammad Javad Ramezankhani

Research Student



  • MSc in Industrial Engineering from University of Tehran, Iran
  • BSc in Industrial Engineering from K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Iran


  • European Commission H2020: Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Innovative Training Networks (ITN) Call: H2020-MSCA-ITN-2018. “Realising the Transition toward the Circular Economy: Models, Methods and Applications (ReTraCE)”

Research interests

Assessing the Economic Efficiency of the Circular Economy

The circular economy (CE) concept is designed to address contemporary social and environmental challenges along with economic priorities associated with sustainable development. The CE provides a paradigm change from the traditional linear extract-produce-use-dump economic model to a self-sustaining one, which fosters zero-landfill direction and viewing waste as biological and technical resources in manufacturing and re-manufacturing. Lack of convergence of the CE regarding critical issues such as definitions, key factors, assumptions, and constraints, which would all affect its conceptualization, has been established to be critical. The indicators and performance assessment frameworks in the CE context are mostly limited to a company or supply chain in a study, e.g. the microeconomic level. Meso and macro levels of the economy have been rarely studied. In his research, Mohammad aims to address key research gaps of the CE focusing on its economic efficiency through a 4-step logical process: a conceptualization framework for understanding economic efficiency from CE viewpoint; quantitative model development for quantifying economic efficiency; empirical assessment to prove its relevance; and establishing its growth opportunities across different sectors and scales. It is of great importance to showcase that under what circumstances, there is economic justification to implement CE practices. His research aims at providing a framework to understand and quantify the economic efficiency of the CE and contribute to the academic research and help the policymakers of the European Union in systematic transitioning toward the CE.



1st Supervisor's Research Group

Management Science 

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