Portrait of Dr Catherine Robinson

Dr Catherine Robinson

Deputy Dean (Accreditations & Medway)
Senior Lecturer in Applied Economics and Business Statistics


Kate is an applied economist working with microdata on issues relating to productivity and performance. Kate has previously worked at Swansea University, the National Institute of Economic and Social Research in London, where she is a visiting fellow, and the University of Portsmouth.
She has published in leading journals such as the Review of Economics and Statistics, the Review of Industrial Organization, Labour Economics and the Journal of Agricultural Economics. Kate has led on a number of externally funded projects with NESTA, the Welsh Government and the UK Commission for Employment and Skills and has co-authored many reports for a wide range of government departments.
Since August 2020, Kate has been a Deputy Dean of the Division, Academic Lead for KBS at Medway and for Accreditations. 

Research interests

Kate is primarily an applied economist focussed mainly on firm level performance and factors which influence it.

In the past few years, Kate has researched social enterprises, small firms and the role of innovation and exporting on firm performance. She works with large-scale micro datasets and has also published on issues such as migration, foreign direct investment and skill biased technological change.  

In terms of impact, Kate has actively been involved in grant capture. To date, she has won in excess of £250,000 as a lead investigator and been involved with research projects that account for more than £2m, funded at the UK and the European level. Most recently, Kate is part of a successful ESRC application made by the WISERD research centre. This is a £7million grant, led by Cardiff University. Kate is leading a workpackage on the performance of social enterprises in Wales and the UK. 


Kate has taught a range of economics and statistic modules to undergraduate and postgraduate level. The subjects taught cover the range of applied economics, but include environmental economics, microeconomics and macroeconomics, quantitative methods and applied statistics.

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To date, Kate has supervised in the area of Applied Economics – firm-level performance and productivity, environmental controls and economic growth, and economic growth and foreign direct investment in Saudi Arabia.

Current Supervisees

  • Mahmoud Zakarneh: Technology-Enabled Value Co-Creation in Business Networks - The Impact on Innovativeness

Past Supervisees

  • Emmanouil Apergis: Attitude toward risk, career success and wellbeing


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of the Publications Committee for the Regional Studies Association Learned Society since 2011
  • Visiting fellow at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research.

Kate has been involved in a variety of research projects for various government departments and has acted as Project Advisor for the UKTI on Research Projects. 

As an investigator, Kate has successfully tendered for several projects; funded by a range of organisations including the Low Pay Commission, NESTA, the Welsh Government and the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.  

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