Zhenhao He

Research Student
 Zhenhao He



  • BA International Business, University of Liverpool
  • MSc Commercial Project Management, University of Manchester
  • MSc Strategic Marketing Management, Cardiff University

Research interests

Internationalisation strategies of multinationals from emerging countries: Case Studies from China and Russia
Internationalisation strategies from emerging countries are facing development difficulties according to researches. Since the internationalisation of companies from emerging economies is a relatively new phenomenon since the 2000s. Multinational corporations (MNCs) need effective internationalisation patterns and knowledge transfer are needed for the success. MNCs from emerging countries internationalise for various reasons, and consequently, they choose certain aspects of patterns in different stages to enter specific countries.
This research proposes to investigate multinational corporations in China and Russia as prime examples of internationalisation strategies for MNCs in emerging countries. This research aims to fill the gap of the lack of research in such subject by comparing the different market, operation, product, time, and knowledge processing patterns relevant to MNCs from Russia and China.



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