What goes on in our trading floor simulator, The Bloomberg Lab?

At Kent Business School we want to support you reaching your goals whatever your ambition might be. If you are looking towards a career in a business discipline you’ll need hands on, practical experience of the way things operate.

That’s why at our Sibson Building on the Canterbury Campus we have our very own financial lab – The Bloomberg Lab.

But what is it and how can it assist, aid and improve your time studying at university?

What is the Bloomberg Lab?

We like to think of our Bloomberg Lab as a glimpse into the stock market, before you’ve even started working in the field. The Bloomberg Terminal, used in the labs, is a piece of software developed my Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York City.

It offers real-time credit data, currency, exchange rates, share prices and much more. It aims to make understanding changes in the stock market much easier so you can make evidence-based financial decisions – like you would in a real business setting.

How can using the Bloomberg Lab benefit you?

The whole of the global financial industry uses this tool, so having access to it is really valuable, whatever level of study you’re at.

Many of your course assignments will require work on case studies in many guises – this will be your perfect aid!

As well as being a great resource for information, Bloomberg is also a really good tool to use in the search for employment. Adding your free Bloomberg email address (example@bloomberg.net) to your CV and LinkedIn profile can signify to employers that you know how to use the Bloomberg Terminal.

You can also upload your CV to Bloomberg in the hope that employers might approach you, or you can even search for jobs through the terminal.

How can you get started with the Bloomberg Terminal?

Bloomberg itself has an eight-hour course that you can take in your own time, at your own pace: Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)

It consists of multiple videos and mini-tests, and if you pass you receive a certificate.

You can also use the online resources Bloomberg Terminal Guide and Using Bloomberg for the First Time to get you started.

Where is the Bloomberg Suite?

The Bloomberg Suite is located in Room 120, Sibson, Kent Business School, Canterbury.

The computers are equipped with unique Bloomberg keyboards with additional shortcuts and buttons to make finding information even simpler.

Who can access the Bloomberg Terminal?

All Kent Business School students, research students and staff can have access to the Bloomberg Terminal, you just need to set up an account using your Kent ID. The Suite itself is open from 8.00 – 19.00 on weekdays.

For more information on the Bloomberg Lab, contact i.apergis@kent.ac.uk

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