Go further with the Postgraduate Employability Edge programme

What is the Postgraduate Employability Edge programme?

The Postgraduate Employability Edge programme is available to PGT students at Kent Business School. The programme is designed to help PGT students understand the UK labour market and achieve their career goals. It does this by enabling the student to recognise and explain to employers the knowledge, skills and attributes they are developing through postgraduate studies.

The programme starts during Welcome Week and continues through to the end of the academic year. The programme’s structure follows the recruitment process and timeline used by UK employers.

Topics included in the Postgraduate Employability Edge programme are:

  • Understanding the international and UK Labour Market
  • What knowledge, skills and attributes are employers looking for and how can to evidence these
  • Developing and demonstrating commercial awareness
  • Making stand-out applications and performing well in the recruitment process
  • Finding a placement or internship
  • Networking and working in an SME
  • Mindset and Career wellbeing
  • Summer Consultancy Week.

Programme Benefits

The programme is delivered by experienced Lecturers in Careers and Employability. It includes input from employers, professional bodies, Directors of Studies, alumni, the central Careers and Employability Service and the Graduate Researcher College. By attending the Postgraduate Employability Edge sessions students receive Employability Points that can be can be used to secure work experience opportunities and internships.

The Postgraduate Employability Edge sessions are extra-curricular and have been designed to complement the knowledge, skills and attributes the students will gain from their academic modules. The sessions mainly take place virtually on Wednesday afternoons. The sessions are recorded and the recordings are made available via the Postgraduate Employability Edge Moodle page. Included on the Moodle page are many employability-enhancing resources and links, including the Careers and Employability Service vacancy database. In addition to the group sessions, students can access one-to-one career support from the Employability and Placements team in KBS and the wider University Careers and Employability Service.

For more information on studying for a Master’s at Kent Business School, visit our Postgraduate courses page.

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