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Turkish Bank Efficiency: Quantile Estimation with Undesirable Output and Efficiency Determinants


Professor Roman Matousek

Dr Ekaterini Panopoulou

1st Supervisor's Research Group


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  • Bachelor degree in Economics from the Mazoon University College in Oman which is affiliated with the Missouri University of Science and Technology-USA.
  • Masters degree in Financial services in Banking from the University of Kent
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Summary of Research

The research is evaluating the relationship between the bank's efficiency and competition in an economic market. Obviously, there are many other factors that are going to be considered while running the methodology and data analysis during this study in order to achieve the most accurate results to display this relation.

Investigating about the bank efficiency has started around 1970s after developing more technological financial and IT devices and financial innovations. Although literatures indicate the fact that this important concept has been measuring,modeling and evaluating through various methods and assumption since many years ago,different recent financial crisis on the other hands acknowledge the fact that there are still many different areas that have been left without consideration of got less attentions.

One of this area is related to the actual relation between competition and efficiency in banking sector. Considering competition is important since it determines the market structure and it is not avoidable in the current financial environment. Thus, the main purpose of the study will be collecting the data and find the gaps in this relation to model this relation by taking advantage of what have been done by other well-known scholars. Required data is going to be collected mainly from the bankscope.

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