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Student PCs on campus

Student PCs run Windows 10 with Microsoft Office 2016.

Using student PCs

Find a free PC in Canterbury and Medway. You need a Kent IT Account to log in.

  • Saving your work: how to access your file space from on and off campus.
  • Printing: everything you need to know about using campus printers.

Take breaks!

You should take a break if you've been working solidly for half an hour for more. Just 5 minutes away from the screen will help your brain to re-charge so that ideas flow more easily! And it will reduce your risk of repetitive strain injury and eye strain. 

How to lock the PC for up to 20 minutes

Save your work, click Take a break on the desktop, and log back in within 20 minutes (otherwise the PC logs you out, and unsaved work is lost). Unattended PCs are set to Take a break by staff, for security reasons and to free up study space.

Don't leave belongings unattended or PCs logged in and unlocked. Items get stolen and PCs hijacked. You will be held responsible for all activity on your account.

Laptop loans in the library

You can borrow a laptop in the Templeman and Drill Hall libraries.



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Last Updated: 07/10/2016