Jacinta Mallon

PhD student


Jacinta Mallon completed a BA in History at the University of Birmingham (2018), followed by an MA in War, Media, and Society at the University of Kent (2019). She returned to Kent to undertake her PhD in 2020. 

Research interests

Jacinta’s research examines experiences of home-loss in urban Britain during and after the Second World War. 

The urban, wartime home was in many ways an uncanny space; at once familiar and unfamiliar, it represented for many a haven from the outside world even as it was laid bare like never before, both physically and symbolically. 

Thousands of Britons lost this space as a result of the war, not only to the enemy, but also – in cases of requisitioning – to their own government. Jacinta’s project will consider how citizens navigated this experience, and ask how their understandings of the war, the state, and citizenship were impacted by the loss of their homes. 

Current thesis title

‘Navigating home-loss in urban Britain, 1939-1960’


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