Megan King

PhD student


Megan King gained her Bachelor's Degree in International Studies at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania and went on to complete a Postgraduate Certificate in Terrorism Analysis at the University of Maryland, College Park. Prior to joining the University of Kent to study for a PhD, Megan was awarded the degree of Master of Historical Research by the University of Stirling. 

Research interests

Megan's project examines the cultural, social, political and economic factors that prompted colonists to radicalise and subsequently mobilise for the purpose of resistance – and, ultimately, revolution – throughout the decade preceding the Declaration of Independence in the cities of Boston, Philadelphia and Charleston. 

Imperative to this inquiry into the radical developments of the Imperial Crisis is contemporary scholarship on radicalisation and mobilisation, without which historians are devoid of any potential for a cross-disciplinary perspective on exactly how 18th-century Americans were able to craft a uniquely American identity through the intercolonial communication of ideals.


Dr Ben Marsh

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