The Kent mailing list service offers a useful way to send or receive group emails.

What lists are you on?

Staff: ask your line manager and colleagues which mailing lists you should be on based on your role at Kent.

To see what Kent mailing lists you're already on log in with your Kent IT Account.

Subscribe and unsubscribe

To subscribe to a mailing list, log in and click Search for List(s). Search, and select the list you want, then click Subscribe in the left menu.

Some lists are mandatory so you can't be taken off. To unsubscribe from optional lists, email sympa@kent.ac.uk in this format:

  • keep the subject line blank.
  • message text: UNSubscribe mailinglist@kent.ac.uk - replace mailinglist with the name of the list you want to unsubscribe from.

Contact a list owner

To see who the owner is, go to http://lists.kent.ac.uk/sympa/info/list-name (replace list-name with the mailing list name) - you can see the Owners listed in the top left.

Post to a mailing list

  • Your message might need to be approved by the list moderator.
  • You can send attachments up to 5MB.

When ready to post to the list, send an email to the list name (ie, list-name@kent.ac.uk)  

Invite a mailing list to a meeting

To invite everyone on a list to an Outlook calendar appointment, add the mailing list email address as an attendee. Drawback: you can't see each person's availability.  

Create a new mailing list

Staff can either:

Student societies: Please contact the Kent Union about their society management tools.

JISCMail listscreate a JISCMail list

Managing your mailing list


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