Postgraduate Study and Social Spaces

There are a wide range of postgraduate study and social spaces available across campus to suit your needs. Some are open to all postgraduates where you can interact with students from across a range of disciplines. Others are division specific and allow you to engage with others from within your own field of study. Postgraduate only spaces allow students to study, engage in academic discussion as well as social interaction.

Canterbury Campus

The Postgraduate Study Hub - This can be located in the Senate building (Canterbury Campus Map). It is open 24/7 for postgraduates. You will need your KentOne card to get in.  Wheelchair access is available: take the lift to the first floor. There is an accessible toilet on the ground floor.

Templeman Library - The Library has a number of individual study rooms you can rent on a monthly basis (Postgraduate Study Areas). Each room is lockable and has a desk, chair and lamp. 

Each division also has dedicated spaces for your use as a postgraduate student. You can view these areas in the following section.    

Division of Arts & Humanities

School of History: Rutherford College (Rutherford - PG Study Hub)

  • N3.N1 Postgraduate Suite
  • W4.3 School of History Staff and Postgraduate Common Room (Fitted kitchen)
  • N3.W4/5 MEMS Common Room

Centre for Medieval & Early Modern Studies (History): Rutherford College (Rutherford - PG Study Hub)

  • N2.E1-6 shared Postgraduate offices

School of English: Rutherford College (Rutherford - PG Study Hub)

  • NC29A Postgraduate office
  • NC45 Common Room (accessed via key pad/SALTO) for the specific use of English PGR students

School of Arts: Jarman (Jarman Building)

  • 2-02 Postgraduate Hub in the Jarman Building (door is always open for Arts students)

School of Architecture: Marlowe (Marlowe Building)

  • The School has a dedicated Postgraduate Study Room in Eliot College. Students allocated a desk space in rooms along the W4.S corridor in Eliot College

Other (shared study spaces):

Division of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Cornwallis South KITC - Maps - University of Kent

  • MSc room - CS 110B

 Sibson – available to all level of study student Sibson - Maps - University of Kent 

Division of Human and Social Sciences

Psychology: Keynes College - Maps - University of Kent

  • Office spaces AG.04, 05, 06, 07/08, 9, 10. BG.07/08 – PhD students
  • EG.01, 02, 03 MSc room – computers and kitchen/common room.  
  • Kitchen/common spaceAG.11, 12
  • Post/printer room AG.02
  •  **Olive cottage is also listed as Psychology PhD space with offices, common room and kitchens.

Politics: Keynes College - Maps - University of Kent

  • Office spaces C3.04, 05, B3.07, 08, 13
  • PGR kitchen C3.07
  • Common room C3.13
  • 1:2:1 tutorial room C3.06
  • Post/printer room C1.11

Economics: Kennedy - Maps - University of Kent

  • Office space Ken 248
  • Group workspace Ken 201
  • Kitchen/common room Ken 216/217
  • Workspace MSc/PhD Ken 239

SAC: Kennedy - Maps - University of Kent

  • Office spaces M112a (first year), M164
  • PG masters room M120
  • Kitchen M164A
  • Labs M114, M113, M119B
  • Subject specialist room M065D(Conservation/wellbeing) M172 (DICE)

Kent Business School


Sibson Building Sibson - Maps - University of Kent

  • Room 222 (second floor), Room 321 and 331 (third floor). 


Medway Building Medway Building - Maps - University of Kent

  • M3-03 and M3-O4A

Division of Natural Sciences

Physical Sciences: Ingram Building - Maps - University of Kent

  • Hot Desk Space Ingram 110
  • Physical Science Ingram 104, 108
  • Individual Desk Space Ingram 208
  • Tea room Ingram 232

Biosciences: Stacey Building - Maps - University of Kent

  • Stacey G10B,108, 211, 221

Freedman Science Student Hub - Maps - University of Kent

  • Hot Desk Space G1, G2

Division for the Study of Law, Society, and Social Justice

School of Social Policy, Sociology, and Social Research: Cornwallis East - Maps - University of Kent 

  • 1st Floor, Cornwallis East

Kent Law School Eliot College - Maps - University of Kent

  • Two rooms in Eliot extension

Medway School of Pharmacy

For further information about other spaces to study:

Canterbury campus 

Medway campus

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