Staff Policy Committee

The Terms of Reference and Membership


Chair: Member of the Executive Group responsible for Human Resources: Alison Ross-Green

One senior member of academic staff: Professor Catherine Richardson
Two senior members of professional service staff (from different services): Kevin Stuckey, Trudy Turner
One senior member of staff appointed by Senate: Professor Peter Hydon
One senior member of staff appointed by Council: Professor Mark Burchell 
Co-opted members: Professor Sarah Vickerstaff

In attendance:  
Deputy Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development or other senior member of Human Resources, other HR officers as appropriate.

Dr Keith Lampard, Secretary of the Council (or Deputy Secretary of the Council)

Quorum:  The Committee's Quorum is one third of total plus Chair.

Frequency of meetings: 2 p.a.

Papers: There is SharePoint site providing an online resource for members.


Terms of Reference:

Approved by the Council at its meeting on 10 October 2014:

The Council agreed that the Staff Policy Committee would become an internal management committee reporting to the Executive Group.  Council will receive an annual report and an annual report on equality, diversity and inclusivity.  Council will retain its responsibilities for staff in relation to the Statutes and Ordinances and the approval of strategic policies relating to staff.

The Committee is responsible to the Council for:

1.         Ensuring the development of a Human Resources Strategy, taking account of relevant matters in the Risk Register and other appropriate inputs;

2.         Ensuring that there are robust processes and policies to secure compliance with all legal requirements concerning the employment of staff and for monitoring such processes to ensure they are effective;

3.         The monitoring of the implementation of the Human Resources Strategy, by agreeing and monitoring suitable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other relevant indicators;

4.         Overseeing the development of a strategy and action plans to promote equality, diversity and inclusivity in relation to University staff; and an annual report on equality, diversity and inclusivity for approval by Council concerning the work done by the University during the year, the achievement of agreed objectives and including appropriate data for internal and external monitoring bodies;

5.         The consideration of best practice and the development of policies and strategies to create a positive working environment and a culture of high performance;

6.         Oversight of the provision of learning and development opportunities for staff in the University;

7.         Approval, on behalf of Council, of policies relating to human resources policy, following detailed consideration and recommendation (where required) by the Joint Staff Negotiating and Consultation Committee.


Other Committees relating to employment matters:

Joint Staff Negotiating and Consultation Committee

Academic and Research Staff Promotions Committee

Regrading Committee for Staff in Grades 1 to 10

Salary Review Committee for Staff in Grades 1 to 9

Salaries Committee for Professorial, Senior Management and Grade 10 Staff


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