Honorary Degrees


Chair: Vice-Chancellor and President (ex officio), Professor Karen Cox

Chancellor (ex officio), Dr Gavin Esler

Chair of the Council (ex officio), Sir David Warren (to 31.7.2020)

Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost (ex officio), David Nightingale

Public Orator (ex officio) one of
Dr Oliver Double (to 31.7.2022)
Professor Nick Grief (to 31.7.2021)

Professor Darren Griffin (to 31.7.2020)
Dr Dan Lloyd (to 31.7.2022)
Professor Tim Luckhurst (to 31.7.2021)

Dr Todd Mei (to 31.7.2021)
Dr Louise Naylor (to 31.7.2021)
Professor Charlotte Sleigh (to 31.7.2021)
Professor Simon Thompson (to 31.7.2021)
Professor Julia Twigg (to 31.7.2021)

Professor Toni Williams (to 31.7.2021)

Three members of Council
Bob Scruton (to 31.7.2021)
Dame Ursula Brennan (to 31.7.2021)
Sarah Gibson (to 31.7.2021)

Four members appointed by Senate
Professor Simon Kirchin (to 31.7.2022)

Dr Peter Nicholls (to 31.7.2022)
Professor Sally Sheldon (to 31.7.2022)
Professor Alex Stevens (to 31.7.2022)

President of the Students’ Union (ex officio), Sasha Langeveldt.

Secretary: Dr Keith Lampard, Secretary of the Council (

Quorum:  one third of total actual membership with a lay majority.  The Committee has 5 lay and 8 University members making a total of 13 so Quorum = 5 (with at least 3 lay members).  (Approved by Council in December 2005)

Frequency of meetings: 1-2 p.a.

Terms of Reference:

Proposals for the conferment of honorary degrees shall be considered by a Joint Committee of the Council and the Senate. (Ordinance 27.2)

Procedure for the Revocation of Honorary Degrees.

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