Contractors on site

Campus Security need to know that contractors on site are there legitimately and are complying with statutory guidance and University procedures. Additionally, we may need to plan our availability if there are requests for support from Campus Security, e.g. access, alarms, escorting etc.

Whilst an on-line application system is being developed, if a staff member wants to bring a contractor on site for pre-planned work, can they complete this Word document and send it to Campus Security giving a minimum of 24 hours' notice please.

If this is an emergency then please contact Campus Security on 01227 823300 but again have ready the information that is on the form.


  • The Company is the main company or firm that has been contracted to carry out the work.
  • The Site Manager is the person who will be on site and responsible for managing the work. Identification may be required if entering sensitive areas or signing out keys for safety and security reasons.
  • The Sponsor is the University staff member who has commissioned the work and how they can be contacted in the event of any queries.
  • The Nature of contract is an explanation of what work is to be carried out. This will ensure the work being carried out is in line with the request.
  • RAMS is confirmation that the Sponsor is satisfied that any Risk Assessments or Method Statements have been completed. Campus Security will not need to see these as the expectation is that the Sponsor has done the due diligence already.
  • The Location(s) are the locations of work to be carried out. If several then please add additional lines.
  • The Date currently has a limit of 5 days, if this is a longer term contract, then please contact Campus Security with all of the details on the form and contact will be made for further discussions.
  • The Time is self-explanatory.
  • The Campus Security required question is self-explanatory.
  • The Nature of Support will assist us in planning and preparation.
  • Car Parking is limited on the campus and if vehicles are to be brought onto site, they must have a permit which can be obtained from the Transport Team
  • The Authorisers details should be someone in authority or can be the Sponsor with agreement from their respective Department. Campus Security may verify the authorisation with the Authoriser.

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