Sarah Marie Graye

PhD student
 Sarah Marie Graye


Sarah Marie Graye is a doctoral candidate in the School of English on The Contemporary Novel: Practice as Research programme. Her novel (working title: Mary Rose Should Be Dead) will look at the relationship between memory and trauma: specifically, the trauma of remembering (PTSD) and of forgetting (dementia). 

The wreck of Henry VIII’s Mary Rose ship forms the backdrop to a multi-first-person narrated exploration of self and memory and to what extent we are “a wreck” of ourselves if irrevocably changed by trauma. The novel also looks at everyday objects as personal artefacts: the relationships we form with objects beyond their use, and how our possessions can elicit strong memories.

Sarah Marie is the author of two novels: The Second Cup and The Victoria Lie, both published by indie publisher Vociferate Press.

Sarah Marie was the Academic Panel Winner in the 2021 Kent Researchers’ Showcase (category: Research Creative) with her short film Ill But Invisible: When Doctors Are No Longer Interested.

Research interests

Medical humanities; illness narratives; memory; trauma; mental health; neurodiversity; possessions as an extension of the self.


Dragan Todorovic and Dr Stella Bolaki

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