Dr Declan Wiffen

Lecturer in Critical Theory and Contemporary Literature,
Employability and Placements Officer
+44 (0)1227 816203
Dr Declan Wiffen


Declan’s recent research is aligned with the environmental humanities and queer ecologies, with interests in literature related to marshlands, lichens, plants, and the other-than-human. Current projects include: editing the fifth edition of Litmus, a magazine exploring the interaction between poetry and science, on the cultural representation of lichen; an article provisionally titled 'Conspiring with Sea Kale: Derek Jarman's unnatural pedagogy' which explores critical plant studies, queer ecologies and staying with the trouble of the environmental crisis; a collaborative essay on masculinity, literature and pedagogy for a collection called The Affects of Pedagogy in Literary Studies edited by Hilary Emmet and Christopher Lloyd.

Declan’s doctoral research, entitled 'Deconstruction and the Question of Palestine', asked whether deconstruction is/can be hospitable to the needs of Palestinian self-determination, and probed the type of relationality that might exist between Jacques Derrida's work and Palestinians' on-going demand for justice. Questions of identity, solidarity, co-existence, human rights, settler colonialism and hospitality were explored, focusing on literature and film from Israel and Palestine, including the work of Mourid Bargouti, Mahmoud Darwish, David Grossman, and Elias Suleiman.

Other interests include the writing of Maggie Nelson, Lydia Davis, John Berger, bell hooks, Karen Barad, Donna Haraway, Eve Sedgwick as well as questions around engaged pedagogy, reparative reading, literature outside the academy, and the categorisation of contemporary writing.   

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