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Creative writing

Whether you are an undergraduate or a postgraduate student, you benefit from the experience of our team of published authors and poets who guide you towards developing your own voice as a writer.

A style of your own

As a student of creative writing you join a lively, diverse community committed to high-quality literary fiction and exciting, experimental contemporary poetry. We give you lots of opportunities to practise, through workshops, writing exercises and assignments. We understand that the most ambitious work takes time and we support you as you develop your own style. 

Our research culture

Our ‘practice as research’ thread of creative writing PhD programmes is a distinctive feature of our research culture. You explore original, contemporary research questions, ultimately producing a novel, a volume of poetry or a non-fiction narrative.

You are supported by a supervisory team of published and critically acclaimed writers.

Creative community

We host literary events including a weekly reading series, which has welcomed authors such as Lionel Shriver and David Mitchell and poets including Denise Riley and Christopher Reid. We also invite publishing industry professionals to the School, who offer advice on how best to submit your work to publishers, how to approach literary agents and information about editorial roles within publishing.

All our creative writing students are invited to attend these events and we also host events where students are encouraged to share their own work.

Study in Paris

Home to Proust, Sartre and de Beauvoir, Paris also inspired Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Joyce. At Kent’s Paris centre, you can develop your own writing while immersed in this exhilarating city.

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