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Information for Students

Your schools will tell you which learning technologies you will be using for each taught module, and they will provide or point you to the relevant support materials where necessary.

Each section below contains information to help you use our most common technologies.

Online Learning at Kent: A Guide to Successful Study Online

This online module has been created to help support you in your learning online. The module is divided into themes and topics such as using Moodle, KentPlayer and Microsoft Teams, as well as online study skills.

Available to all our students, simply use the link on the right to get started.



Moodle will likely be used in each of your modules, though the layout and level of interactivity will vary.


A link to Moodle is available by clicking on Student in the top banner of any University of Kent webpage.

Alternatively you can go to Moodle by typing the URL (https://moodle.kent.ac.uk) into your browser.

Screenshot of the navigation options available from the Student section of the University Banner.

Using a mobile device?

If you are accessing Moodle via a browser on a mobile device, you may need to change some settings to allow videos to play properly.



Turnitin can be used for text-based assignment submission, and some teachers may use its Feedback Studio to provide marks and comments electronically.

The University of Kent has introduced Turnitin as a learning and assessment tool to support students' development of sound academic practice and assessment literacy.

Moodle Quizzes


Moodle Quizzes are sometimes used for assessment in which case you should be given a practice quiz first to get used to the interface, and the module handbook (usually available in the Moodle module) will provide details.


How do I access a quiz in Moodle?

To access a Moodle quiz from within the relevant Moodle module, click on the link to the quiz. If you can't see a link to the quiz, please contact the module convenor.

Image of a quiz link in Moodle.

How do I attempt a quiz?

After following the above step, you will be on the quiz front page. On this page you will see timing and date information, as well as the number of attempts you can make. Click attempt quiz now to begin a quiz attempt. A pop-up notification will ask you to confirm that you are ready to proceed. Note: This step cannot be undone.

Quiz front page, showing number of attempts, closing date and time limit.

What happens during a quiz attempt?

During a quiz attempt you will see a quiz navigation matrix in the top left-hand corner of the screen. If the quiz has been configured to allow free navigation, click on a number to navigate to that particular question.

The Quiz navigation matrix.
  • Grey box (E.g. 1, 2, 3 and 4) - attempted questions with saved responses.
  • Red border (E.g. 5) - flagged question.
  • White box; thick border (E.g. 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10) - questions on the current page.
  • White box; regular border (E.g. 11, 12 and 13) - questions on seubsequent pages.

You may also see a countdown timer indicating how much time you have left on this particular attempt.

To navigate to subsequent pages in the quiz, either click on a number in the quiz navigation matrix or click next at the bottom of the page.

The next button, click to proceed to the next page of questions.


Note: Answers to questions are only saved when you progress onto subsequent pages in the quiz. As such, for single-page quizzes, your answers are only saved when you finish the attempt.

How do I finish a quiz attempt?

When you have answered all of the questions in a quiz and checked through your responses, click finish attempt... in the quiz navigation matrix.

On the page that follows, you will be presented with a quiz summary. The quiz summary indicates which questions have been answered and, where applicable, the questions that have not yet been answered. You can click on the question number to return to that particular question.

Quiz summary table.
Quiz summary table.


To fully submit your quiz attempt for grading, you must click submit all and finish.

Submit all and finish button.
Submit all and finish button.

How do I review my attempt and access my marks and feedback?

Depending on the quiz configuration, you can review your quiz attempt.

The information that is available to you in the quiz review is at the discretion of the module convenor. It might include your grade, correct/incorrect answers, general feedback and question-specific feedback. Ask your module convenor if you are in doubt.


To review your quiz attempt, click on the link to the quiz from the relevant Moodle module. On the page that follows, click review.

Who do I contact with questions/problems?

If you have any queries on how Moodle is being used for your modules, or if you can not access one of your modules, please contact your lecturer or module convenor.

Any students experiencing technical difficulties with Moodle should contact the IT & Library Support Desk.


KentPlayer may be used to provide lecture recordings and other educational multimedia.

Acceptable Use Policy

You can only use recordings for your own study as a supplement to live lectures. You must not share these recordings, even with friends studying at other universities.  You must not upload copies to any public website (such as YouTube) and to do so will be treated as a serious breach of academic integrity and IT Regulations


How do I view KentPlayer recordings?

Recordings are made available via Moodle to students registered on the module. KentPlayer recordings will appear in the KentPlayer block in Moodle modules. To view a recording, click on the link in the Moodle block. This will open the KentPlayer Viewer.

Will all lectures be recorded?

No, due to the "performance rights" involved in recording lectures, it is the choice of each lecturer whether and how often to record lectures. This service is offered to all members of staff, and we encourage them to record lectures for the benefit of students, but we cannot mandate use of the system.

Where do I find recordings?

If your lecturer is using KentPlayer for lecture or any other recordings, the KentPlayer block will appear somewhere on the module's Moodle page (usually in the top-right corner). This block will list all available recordings. When you click on a link it will open in a new window.

Can I share the recordings with others

No. Recordings are only for use by students on the module and anyone else the lecturer chooses to grant access to. Please note that uploading part or all of a recording to a public web site such as YouTube or Facebook, or sharing recordings in any way, would be a breach of academic integrity and IT regulations, and so may be subject to disciplinary action. Please see the Acceptable Use Policy for full details.

Do I still need to attend lectures?

This service is not intended to replace live attendance at lectures, and your lecturer (or the module handbook) should let you know if attendance is compulsory. Please note that we cannot guarantee that every recording will be successful as there are sometimes technical issues beyond our control, and so you should not rely on the availability of these recordings.

How long are recordings kept?

Recordings are retained until the end of the academic year following the date of recording; for instance, 2016/17 content will be deleted in the summer of 2018, and so you can continue to access last year's recordings for catch-up or resit purposes.

Can I download a recording?

If enabled by the lecturer, you can download a recording by clicking the download arrow file_download at the top right of the page when viewing the recording.

Help and Support

If you're experiencing technical issues with learning technology, for example, problems accessing or logging into Moodle, then you should contact the IT & Library Support Desk.

If you're unsure how to use a particular technology, or what's expected of you, contact the convenor of the module.

If your problem relates to an assessment then it's important that you contact the convenor and/or School as soon as possible.

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