Moodle is the University of Kent's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). 

All taught modules can use Moodle for online teaching resources and interactive activities.

Moodle provides tools to support the learning experience, such as;

  • assignment submission,
  • forums,
  • wikis,
  • quizzes,
  • YouTube videos and lecture recordings.

Accessing Moodle

You'll need a Kent IT account to access Moodle.

You can always access Moodle for the current taught academic year by going to moodle.kent.ac.uk

To access Moodle for previous years, add a forward slash followed by the year at the end, for example moodle.kent.ac.uk/2020

Student Resources

Online Learning at Kent: A Guide to Successful Study Online

This online module has been created to help support you in your learning online. The module is divided into themes and topics such as using Moodle, KentPlayer and Microsoft Teams, as well as online study skills.

Information on how to navigate Moodle, how to access resources and completing quizzes is included.

Available to all our students, simply use the button below to get started.

Staff Resources

Our Moodle Module has a wealth of guidance to help you use Moodle effectively.


  • Ideal for new staff, or those wanting a refresher, our interactive resources will guide you through using Moodle.
  • If you need help quickly Help yourself by using the Guides and FAQs.
  • Still stuck? Contact us for help or sign up to Training.
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