Dr Aniema Atorudibo

Assistant Lecturer
Dr Aniema Atorudibo


Dr Aniema Atorudibo began studying for a PhD in Economics in September 2017 and became an Assistant Lecturer in Economics after completing her PhD in 2022.

Previously she obtained an MSc in Economics from the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and an MSc in International Finance and Development from the University of Kent.

Research interests

Aniema's research looks at the influence of cultural norms on the economic outcomes of women in Sub-Saharan Africa. It explores the norms within kinship/descent groups and how they affect women's preferences for labour market activities. It highlights the dynamics of intra-household decision-making and control of resources, especially the incomes and resources of women.

Cultural norms are key to the persistence of gender inequality in education, employment and income, and political participation. This is a major issue in African societies that constantly limits the ability of women to contribute to national development.    


  • EC3130: Economics for Business


Thesis supervisors:


  • Member of the Royal Economic Society (RES)
  • Member of the American EconomicAssociation (AEA)
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