Economics with Data Science undergraduate programme launched.

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The School of Economics at Kent has developed an exciting new undergraduate programme in Economics with Data Science, one of the first of its kind in the UK.

Students on this programme will study programming, artificial intelligence and machine learning. They will learn how to tackle some of today’s economic problems using big data and have the opportunity to apply data analysis techniques as part of a final year-project. They will gain a rare combination of advanced skills that are in high demand in the jobs market; skills that are transferable and will enable graduates to move more easily between sectors and industries.

While studying, students will access expertise from across three Schools at the University Kent, including the Schools of Economics, Computing, and Mathematics and Statistics, enabling them to build a wide network of students and staff to support them during their studies and after they’ve graduated. There is also an opportunity to take a Year in Industry to gain some valuable and relevant work experience.

Professor Miguel Leon-Ledesma, Head of the School of Economics, said:

‘Modern societies and economies generate an increasingly abundant and complex amount of data. Important business and government decisions require the ability to organise, interpret, and rationalise these data. While degrees that focus solely on data analysis give you the skills to organise and manipulate data, the Economics component gives you the ability to interpret and rationalise the data and make it useful to formulate solutions to problems. I’m delighted that Kent is one of the first universities to develop such a programme, and look forward to welcoming new students in September 2021.’

Michael Thurlow, a BSc Economics with Econometrics graduate, said:

‘I’m very glad to see the following modules included: Introduction to Object Orientated Programming; Programming for Artificial Intelligence (Python programming), and Big Data and Other Analytical Techniques. These modules cover areas that I have had to study since graduating from Kent, so would assist undergraduates massively when looking to start careers with financial and other related professional services.’

For further information about the programme and to apply for September 2021 entry, please see our website.

If you are an applicant holding an offer to study with us, and think you may be interested in switching to Economics with Data Science, please get in touch by emailing Making an enquiry and being considered for the new course will not affect your existing offer to study.

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