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Online Module Registration - Frequently Asked Questions

Online Module Registration - CLOSED


When does OMR open?

Extended until midnight 6th April 2021
OMR gives you the best opportunity to register for your preferred choice of modules; the random allocation process for modules with restricted numbers means that all students who engage in OMR and indicate a preference for that module have an equal chance of being allocated a place on it. Any who do no not get their first choice are accommodated on their second choice.

Will I be able to select online?

Some students will not be able to choose via the online system. Please see the exceptions here.

Is OMR first come first served?

OMR is not first come first served, but you must ensure that you have submitted your selections by Monday 5 April in order to give you the best opportunity to register for your preferred choice of module.

Which modules have limited places?

This is not possible to determine until all preferences have been collected.

Please note that not all modules have limited places.

How will spaces be allocated on modules with limited places?

Modules with limited spaces will be allocated fairly and transparently after OMR closes by a random selection process.

Are any modules allocated differently?

There are a small number of modules with limited spaces that will not be allocated by a random selection process. This is due to other eligibility criteria needing to be fulfilled.
See module catalogue for full details

Why do some modules have limited places?

Modules may have limited places due to specialist facilities/specialist equipment/field trips/academic specialists in their fields delivering research led teaching.

Why are modules with limited places allocated randomly?

This is judged to be the fairest way.

Where can I find out more information about a module?

You should look the module up in the Module Catalogue.

The draft timetable isn't available yet. How do I select modules that don't clash?

Don’t worry about the timetable for the moment, just select your module preferences as normal. Any clashes will be examined after students make their choices and dealt with appropriately. Kent aims to accommodate student choices wherever possible.

Once the full timetable has been released for the start of term in September, you will need to check your personal timetable carefully - it is your responsibility to check to ensure your module selections don’t clash.

Due to unforeseen circumstances I missed OMR. What should I do?

Please contact your school.

I chose my modules online already, but I’ve changed my mind

How do I alter my module preferences?

If you change your mind during OMR then please email csao@kent.ac.uk to amend your selection.

If you change your mind about your selection after Monday 5 April you should contact your School.

How do I check the module preferences I made?

You can do this via SDS. More information is available here.

When do I find out if I was successful in my module selection?

Modules will be confirmed and registered on the Student Data System in the week commencing 6th May, subject to programme requirements and University regulations.

I did not get a space on a module with limited places. What do I do?

Your School will be contacting you with further instructions.




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