The University is actively responding to ongoing developments with the Coronavirus outbreak. Throughout this the health and welfare of our students, staff and visitors is our absolute priority. Use the links on this page for detailed information on our response and what it will mean for you.

Latest Government advice is available on the website

We strongly advise all to use media outlets such as the BBC or the Government and NHS websites for latest UK guidance.

8 September 2021

We're looking forward to welcoming new and returning students to Kent for the Autumn term.

Information is available for students on the current arrangements as well as the test to travel guidelines provided by the UK Government. Please make sure you have read those before travelling. 

Despite the relaxation of many restrictions, Covid-19 is still with us and we are continuing to prioritise the health of our students, staff, visitors and neighbours to keep our community safe.

As long as you are symptom-free, please get tested regularly. Test sites are available on campus, and you can also collect home testing kits from our online test centres, local pharmacies or order them online.  

You should be tested twice a week if you are living or working on campus or just visiting for essential use of the Library or other facilities. 

Covid-19 update

We have continued to publish regular updates on the number of our active cases. We have both asymptomatic testing sites and NHS Local Testing Sites at both Canterbury and Medway. We continue to work closely with our local public health officials and a huge amount of effort have been put in to ensure that our campuses are Covid-safe. The safety and wellbeing of our students and staff remain our key priority.

For detailed updates, see our separate applicantcurrent student, staff, parents and guardians and local community pages.

Helping with the response to Covid-19

Find out more on how the University is supporting efforts to respond to the Covid-19 outbreak, including providing specialist equipment to the NHS and teaming up with local initiatives.

Students and staff can also help Government efforts to build up additional data on the outbreak via the new NHS Coronavirus Status Checker.

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