Covid-19 information for the local community

Approximately 20,000 students study at the University of Kent. We are also one of the area’s largest employers, with over 4,000 staff working across our campuses. We are an integral part of our local area, and we are committed to looking after the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, students and local community.

Local Testing Sites on campus

We have worked closely with the Directors of Public Health for Kent County Council and Medway Council to establish local testing sites (LTS) on both campuses. They are a key part of the strategy of early identification of cases, to enable the prevention of onward transmission. 

Our local testing site is open to all. If you have Covid-19 symptoms, you can visit the Local Testing Sites on campus to get a PCR test.

The Canterbury campus LTS is located on the Rutherford Car Park and is open 08.00-18.00, seven days a week. 

The LTS on the Medway campus is located in front of the Jellicoe building, in the car park accessed by North Road. It is open from 08.00-18.00, seven days a week.

Keeping our campuses safe

As well as having Local Testing Sites on campus, we are also taking other measures to ensure safety of our students, staff and the local community.

All our buildings have undergone thorough safety inspections and risk assessments. We have hand sanitisers available at building entrances and other key areas.

We’re regularly communicating with our staff and students to provide useful guidance relating to Coronavirus. We have dedicated Staff and Student​ websites, which we are updating frequently with the latest Government guidance. On these pages you can also view the latest communications to our staff and students relating to coronavirus.

Key safety messages are communicated to our students and staff via email, through on-campus signage and ongoing social media content. This messaging includes encouraging all our students and staff to get vaccinated against Covid-19. 

We're also encouraging all our students and staff who are asymptomatic to get regularly tested for Covid-19. Students and staff can pick up Lateral Flow Tests from several locations on campus.

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